Social2E Whitepaper

Type To Earn

The form of Type To Earn is simple and can be done every day, the resources we provide are from articles, and users need to complete a piece of text to receive rewards.
There will be 3 times to type per day for General Member and more for Premium Member.
Steps to get S2E Token:
Step 1: Go to our official website ->​
Step 2: Go to LAUNCH APP page (on the right corner of website) to connect Dapp
Step 3: Click on section Type to earn
Step 4: Connect your wallet(Metamask) with the Dapp.
Step 5: Complete the text with the countdown time. The more texts you complete during the countdown, the more S2E tokens you will earn.
Step 6: S2E rewards are returned to your account after you complete the text, check the token rewards in the dashboard. You can claim this reward token to your wallet in the mainnet version of Dapp.