Social2E Whitepaper

Refer To Earn

Refer friends, Earn $S2E together!
Steps to get S2E Token:
Step 1: Go to our official website ->​
Step 2: Go to LAUNCH APP page (on the right corner of website) to connect Dapp
Step 3: Click on section Refer to earn
Step 4: Connect your wallet(Metamask) with the Dapp.
Step 5: You can copy your referral code (Area 1) or QR referral code (Area 2), And then send it to your friends
Note: With Social2E, the referral program aids in the development of a passive revenue stream. You will get a referral code when you create a Social2E account. You will be paid a commission depending on the member's earnings when they join Social2E using your referral code. Depending on whether you are a General Member or a Premium Member, the commission will range from 2% to 12%.