Social2E Whitepaper

Premium Member

To receive more competitive advantages in earning as well as experience, players can upgrade their account from General to Premium. The owner of a Premium account is a Premium member.
There will be 4 Premium packages for players to choose from, which are Premium Week, Premium Month, Premium 6 Months, and Premium Year. For each premium package, the time account is active, the NFT is given, the maximum number of times earned per day and the percentage of the total revenue of the referral will be different. It is detailed in the following table:
Kinds of Premium
Active Time
NFT Free
Number of executions per day
Percentage of the total revenue of the referral
Primum Week
7 Days
NFT Common
5 times
Premium Month
30 Days
NFT Rare
7 times
Premium 6 Months
180 Days
NFT Epic
9 times
Premium Year
365 Days
NFT Legendary
12 times