Social2E Whitepaper


What makes Social2E's contract secure?
The team has already been KYCed with SolidProof. S2E's Smart Contract has been Audited and Certificated as SAFU By ContractChecker. LP is automatically locked for 1 year via PinkLock.
Who is the Social2E Team?
Our entire staff has at least 5 years of experience working in the cryptocurrency sector. The Social2E Team is a renowned group of programmers, marketing professionals, and gifted researchers.
What are the trading tax and slippage?
Token is fair trade, taxes will be 0% both Buy and Sell, it guarantees that no one will lose money when trading, and it also makes it simple for us to list on exchanges, both of which are quite advantageous.
What is the $S2E token's primary purpose?
The project's token is S2E, which serves as the economy's Governance coin. S2E is a coin that will reward users and is used in all project operations.
Why on Binance Smart Chain?
The most potent chain in the cryptocurrency industry, in our opinion, is the Binance Smart Chain, which also has low gas costs. A large number of investors, KOLs, and influencers are drawn to Binance Smart Chain.?
Last modified 8mo ago