Social2E Whitepaper

Social2E Overview

Social2E is a powerful combination of SocialFi and DeFi on Web3.0
Have we ever wondered that when you are interested in something, or need to buy something, you search for it on Google, then immediately your Facebook, your Youtube, and e-commerce sites... are constantly showing ads for what you've been looking for, which is more or less annoying.
This is because we are using the Web2.0 platform where the centralized network is operated. When participating in Web2.0, your activity information will be collected and this information will be resold to vendors, advertising centers, and data analysis companies... in ways that you are unaware of, and you also don't get any profit.
When Web3.0 appears, it will gradually replace Web2.0, and the decentralized network will replace progressively the centralized network. On Web3.0 and decentralized networks, the stealthy collection of user information will be limited. Realizing this, Social2E was born, we will be the bridge between users and sales centers, data analysts... Partners may use to Social2E create data information packages that they needed to collect with the corresponding cost. Users can go through Social2E's Dapp to complete such data information and get back the reward for the information they provided.
Users participating in the Social2E Dapp can participate in earning activities, they can also participate in staking their S2E tokens as well as NFTs into Staking Pools to receive additional rewards.
Note: Social2E Dapp is currently in Beta, so the contents in the Whitepaper may be changed in the future.
Last modified 8mo ago